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கேலி, கிண்டல்,விமர்சனம் உங்களை துரத்துகிறதா?


கேலி, கிண்டல்,
உங்களை துரத்துகிறதா?

We all have our own shortcomings. And most of the time, we are well aware of our limitations and weaknesses. In spite of that, some people don't miss the opportunity to constantly remind us of our limitations. Be it our appearance, personality, character or education, these people go the extra mile to remind us of what we don't have. When you are surrounded by such people, it's not easy to stay motivated all the time and chase your dreams. But there's one little trick to do this. Just one habit and it'll give you enormous power over people who constantly try to bring you down. This is the best way to handle insults, teasing, bullying and people who hurt your self-esteem. So what's that trick? Listen to the short story in this video to know the best way to move forward when you are constantly being discouraged. 


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