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"பூஞ்சிட்டுக் குருவிகளா.... " இதயம் தொட்ட இனியபாடல்.


"பூஞ்சிட்டுக் குருவிகளா.... "
இதயம் தொட்ட இனியபாடல்.

About This Song - 

This is a super hit tamil song of the 80's named "Poonchittu Kuruvigala" originally composed and sung by music director chandrabose in the movie "oru thottil sabadham" starring Ramki and sita.This was a great hit song sung by janakaraj in that movie. Now chandrabose has remixed the same song and had sung it again in his great voice. Very well done. He has recorded this song in switzerland.  


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