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இந்திய அரசியல் சாசனத்தின் தந்தை அம்பேத்கர் வரலாறு (B.R. Ambedkar Life History )

 இந்திய அரசியல் சாசனத்தின் தந்தை

 அம்பேத்கர் வரலாறு

 (B.R. Ambedkar Life History )

விடுதலை இந்தியாவின் முதல் சட்ட அமைச்சராகவும், இந்திய அரசியல் சாசனத்தின் தந்தையாக விளங்கியவர்,‘பீம்ராவ் ராம்ஜி அம்பேத்கர்’.

Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar Story in Tamil| B.R.Ambedkar Life History | Ambedkar Biography Tamil

Many leaders wanted to bring democracy after India gained independence. But the laws that were in place during the monarchy could not be enforced when it came to democracy. It needs a proper constitution.

On Indian soil, the name 'Ambedkar' first appeared to them when they wanted to write a constitution. Ambedkar was the first Indian to go to the United States from India for higher education.

He was the first Law Minister of Liberation India and the father of the Constitution of India, ‘Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar’. He was not only a social reformer, but also a great economist, political philosopher, social reformer, rational thinker, great writer and orator, and historian.

Born into an oppressed caste, Dr. P.R. Ambedkar, let's take a look at the biography of that man. Set aside your precious few minutes to travel with me. Watch the full video. Learn the history. Also subscribe to Tamil Rail Channel to know more historical information like this.


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