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வீட்டில் "ஸ்பானீஷ் ஆம்லெட்" (SPANISH OMELETTE)செய்வது எப்படி?

வீட்டில் "ஸ்பானீஷ் ஆம்லெட்" (SPANISH OMELETTE)
செய்வது எப்படி?

Spanish omelette or Spanish tortilla is a traditional dish from Spain and one of the signature dishes in the Spanish cuisine. Its made with eggs and potatoes, optionally including onion. It is often served at room temperature.

Main ingredients: Egg and potatoes

Variations: May optionally include onion and other vegetables 

Serving temperature: Room temperature

Alternative names: Tortilla de patatas; Tortilla de papas; Tortilla española; Spanish tortilla; Potato omelete

Course: Tapas, Appetizer or Main course


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