Inner Happiness Mantra|-Art of wonderful life -Step 3: Live the wonder (Tamil)

 Inner Happiness Mantra

Art of wonderful life

 Step 3: Live the wonder (Tamil)


Dr.N.Rajasekar M.B.A, Ph.D

This video is the fourth in the series on Inner happiness mantra ! The art of wonderful life is explained. The next important step on Inner happiness mantra is to feel the wow experience in all that people see and face in their life as a whole.The pursuit of happiness is never ending as far as mankind is concerned. But one should not simply look for happiness rather he must know and learn the Art of wonderful life ! Inner happiness mantra is not just uttering words but following certain steps that are  being discussed in this  series.Ultimately it is the Wow experience that stands as the witness  for understanding the Art of wonderful life. And this becomes the essence of this video on Inner Happiness Mantra.

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