How Mahatma Gandhi Changed The World - (From Average Student To Inspiring Leader)

 How Mahatma Gandhi 
Changed The World 

(From Average Student To 

Inspiring Leader)

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When Mahatma Gandhi was growing up, no one could've predicted that one day he would become one of the most inspiring people in the world, with millions of followers and that he would be considered India’s “Father of the Nation”.


Because He was very shy and quiet boy who had really low self-esteem.. Every day He would run home from school so he wouldn’t have to talk to anybody.  He was afraid that the other kids would make fun of him. He disliked sports and didn’t do very well in school.  Although he was good in English, he was average in math and poor in Geography. So he was a mediocre student.

Gandhi was also really scared and panicked every time when he had to speak in front of people. 

So, how can a person who was barely able to say anything in front of people could lead his nation to independence? 

Mahatma Gandhi had a burning desire to make a change.

He led the freedom movement in India for independence from the British rule by creating a massive peaceful campaigns. He found a way to accept his shyness and quietness and transform them into a powerful voice for peace. The voice that led India into independence. 

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