3 things to overcome during pandemic - by Dr. Subhash Chander

 3 Things to overcome 

During Pandemic 

- by

- Dr. Subhash Chander-

This episode answers to the question "3 important things you have to handle during the pandemic?" (1) Depression; (2) Saving money; (3) Positive thinking.

You can write to me at bestmotivator.com@gmail.com for any queries or for any topic that you want.  On the request of many, I will be coming out with videos titled "3 2 1 Videos".  These are short videos 1-2-3 tips and tricks. 

Dr. Subhash is a HR, OD, TD Consultant, Trainer, Game Changer, Coach, Singer & Voice Over Actor.  He has over 35 years of experience in HR & Management and has been involved in setting up HR Departments and has been involved in various HR projects including recruitment, people development.  He has trained and inspired thousands of people across and has worked with over 30 nationalities.  He has conducted various levels of training and his sessions are dynamic and well received right from school children to the corporate level.  He has dedicated this new channel for imparting some of his training sessions from his studio which is gaining importance and many have started attending the LIVE SESSIONS. 

 Please do SUBSCRIBE and pass this youtube channel link to all your contacts so many can benefit from the sessions and video uploads.  He was scooted to provide the voice for Mahatma Gandhi in 2 documentaries and have provided his voice for World Bank, Global University and many more in various genres including audiobooks available at audible.com and for youtube channels.  His narration of "Sundarakandam in five minutes" has become a common one and has been viewed over 1.5 million times and many channels have copied the same and has put in their channel as well.

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