Best of Bharathiyar Songs - P Unnikrishnan-

 Best of Bharathiyar Songs

 - P Unnikrishnan- 

Bharathiyar was vanquishing multifaceted, facile, ingenious, dexterous in whatever he did, say it being a Tamil writer, poet, journalist,  great patriotic moralist and prodigiously known as "Mahakavi Bharathi"

Accustom your ear to harmonic and melodic clarity that elevated the revolutionized aesthetics of the songs which are graceful, smooth and are canorous as well sonorous with the concordant voice of Unni Krishnan for the great collection of Bharathiyar’s enthusiastic patriotic song for youth. Unni Krishnan sang with great engrossment and motivation which amazes the listeners and makes us speechless with the divine experience in his voice.

This album is an exemplary collection of Bharathiyar songs with largely imbued with feelings of patriotism. The songs are so patriotic and melodious that one must have it in their collection. The exultance singer Unni Krishnan sung the songs with lot of involvement and inspiration. Music lovers can take it for granted that language has no barrier as far as music is concerned.

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