Dr A P J Abdul Kalam at Speaker Series PGPX IIM Ahmedabad

Dr A P J Abdul Kalam 
 Speaker Series
 PGPX IIM Ahmedabad 

Former President Dr A P J Kalam on Saturday addressed students of PGPX, a one year MBA program, at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A), as a part of the PGPX Speaker series organised by the PGPX 2014-15 batch. 

Dr Kalam talked about the dynamics and characteristics of leadership that he expected from India’s future business leaders.

In his address, Dr Kalam emphasised that leaders should not worry about what they gainbut instead focus on what they give. In explaining how a nation as large and diverse asIndia could achieve developed economy status, he laid out a clear path and relationshipbetween economic development and its fundamental reliance on management innovationand creative leadership. 

Dr Kalam shared his personal experience and advised studentsto absorb failure individually and when you succeed, give credit to the team. He viewedethical behaviour as a fundamental leadership trait.

In response to questions from PGPX students on the ethics of weaponisation of space, hesaid that India needed to build strength. He mentioned that realpolitik dictates that strength respects strength. And, that such conditions in which India is not threatened, actually create peace and will allow it innovate and thrive. To another query regarding leadership andfailure, Dr Kalam talked about how the first leaders of India’s space program demonstrated the ability to absorb large and public failures individually and despite failure stay focused on the success of the project.

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