Miss you Appa - Official Movie .

 Miss you Appa - Official Movie .

Salute sir...A super scrit and screenplay sir... lively performance and back ground score was very heart touching with flute... emotional block buster sir...really a great tribute to indian soliders family and especially childerns.

Miss you appa... is a movie that describes a daughter's love towards her Dad, every girl's first hero....

Presented by - Go4guru

Script and Direction - Kayamboo Ramalingam

Cinematography - Gopi Duraisamy

Post Production - Mukesh Nandhagopal ( Greenways Multimedia) 

Music - Rajesh Cherthala

Cast - Pondi Ravi, Shanthini, Students and Teachers of Aklavya International School, Pondicherry.

Costume - Radhakrishnan M and Ramesh.

Special thanks to - Achariya Group of Educational Institutions.

Associate director - Raymond 

Stills - Kirithik 

Posters - Manoj GMK

Production Manager - Hemamalini M S 

The entire movie was shot in iPhone 13

Special thanks to:Go4Guru.

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