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அவ்வையாரின் ஆத்திச்சூடி --அரபி மொழி பாடல் வடிவில்..-


அவ்வையாரின் ஆத்திச்சூடி 
--அரபி மொழி பாடல் வடிவில்..-

The Aathichoodi is a collection of single line quotation written by Avvaiyar, an important Tamil female poet of 12th century. There are 108 of the sacred lines which include the ethics, morality, human brotherhood, education, wisdom etc.

Aathichoodi_Arabic music video album:

Arabic translation, direction and production by Dr. A. Jahir Husain, Arabic Professor, University of Madras, India. 

Music: Mr. Sajid Khan, India

Singer: Muhammed Yusef Awad Allah, Palestine. 

This album was released by  Hon'ble Thiru. Siva.V. Meyyanathan, Minister for Environment, Climate change and Youth welfare and sports development, Government of Tamil Nadu on 17.12.2021.


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