3 Steps To Develop A Powerful Subconscious Mind.


3 Steps To Develop

 A Powerful Subconscious Mind.

In this video, Mahatria highlights the underlying power of the subconscious mind and gifts us with 3 steps to develop a powerful subconscious mind.  

One-eighth of your mind is your conscious mind, but the other seven-eighths of it is your subconscious mind. Hence it becomes imperative to invest a lot of time and effort in empowering your subconscious as the return on investment is multi-fold. 

As Mahatria says “The power of the man is in the power of the mind. The power of the mind is in the power of the subconscious mind.” Below is the 3-Step approach.

Step One - Avoid mixed associations. 

Whenever we are of two minds about something, getting clarity on it is vital. If your subconscious does not believe in something, even God cannot help you.

Step Two - Honour your commitments.

If you say something, do it. By honouring your commitments, you reinforce your subconscious beliefs. The power of the subconscious mind is in the power of subconscious beliefs and the power of subconscious beliefs are built by making and honoring commitments.

Step Three - Run your victory laps. 

Acknowledge your success. Find every reason to celebrate your goals. It's not about achieving a goal, it's also about celebrating the accomplishment.

Follow these vital steps and build a powerful subconscious mind.

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