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தூங்கா நகரத்தை (மதுரை)கலக்கும் 3 உணவகங்கள்

 தூங்கா நகரத்தை (மதுரை)
 3 உணவகங்கள்

1. Kavannan parotta kadai: Early morning from 6.00am onwards we can have poricha parotta, mutton sukka and khuska  in this shop. Till 11.00am it's available. The combination of poricha parotta and mutton sukka is the tastiest combination which most of the people likes it. There is no table and chairs for dine-in. Traditional method, sitting on the floor and eating procedure is still followed by the hotel. I would suggest you should not miss the hotel, if you are going to Madurai. 

2. Koorai kadai: This shop also very famous for parotta.  Apart from parotta they're providing a 20+ variety of dishes such as kari dosa, mutton sukka, botti, thala kari, pichi potta kozhi, blood poriyal etc., you'll enjoy the varieties and the taste will never slip off from your memories. 

3. Madurai bun parotta kadai:  This shop is very famous not only for its bun parotta also mutton sukka, kari dosa, kizhi parotta, chicken sukka etc., The taste was marvellous which tends you to go again and again to taste the food. Really you'll enjoy all the varieties here.

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